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9.28.2017 Minutes of Marketing Meeting


Binghamton Philharmonic

Held at Binghamton Philharmonic

71 State St. Lower Level

Binghamton, NY 13901


The following were present: Scott Freeman, Brianna Salazar- Ruff and Arieh Ullmann


The following members of management were present: Katie Barlow


Katie Barlow called the meeting at 12:07pm.


The main reason for the meeting was to update the committee on ticket sales and to discuss marketing strategies for the 2017-18 season. We began the meeting by discussing our current subscription and single ticket sales. Subscription numbers have been rising as we enter the upcoming season as well as single ticket sales for each concert compared to last month. Although numbers have been rising, the first two concerts were low in attendance. We expected the turn out to be low due to early concert scheduling and the music selections that may not have attracted new patrons.



Following ticketing updates, we discussed Ad Sales for the 2017-18 Season Program Book as well as Sponsorship. We have confirmed $17,000 in ads for the program book and have collected $9,775 in the database thus far. As for Sponsorship this season our original goal was to raise $55,000. We recently exceeded our goal and are at $61,000. The committee was interested in seeing a breakdown of sponsorship; who has been contacted, as well as who still needed to be reached out to and how they can assist with these efforts.


Scott Freeman, brought up the idea of inviting someone from the School of Management to assist with setting sponsorship goals and moving forward in this area. This led to the next topic of a volunteer program I have been looking to create. We then discussed how we should go about reaching out to the schools to set up a program that would be project based, structured and had expectations for an individual. This could be credit baring or non-credit baring.


To expand on the younger demographic, we touched upon how to keep those in high school and college attending our performances. We mentioned a focus group, “date night at the Philharmonic,” and having a tab online where they could visit that was “cool and hip.”  I will now be sending out targeted emails to students after the shows or prior to get this demographic excited about our performances.



Everyone left the meeting at 1:00pm and is looking forward to the progress of the committee.


Katie Barlow

Acting Secretary