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9.26.17 Minutes of Quarterly Board Meeting


Binghamton Philharmonic

Held at Binghamton Philharmonic

71 State St. Lower Level

Binghamton, NY 13901


The following were present: Diane Butler, Phil Cali, Dawna Cole, Mary O’Malley Trumble, Brianna Salazar-Ruff, Judy Siggins, Jud Spena, Brian Sternberg, Steve Trichka, Arieh Ullman, and Pres. Maureen Wilson


Via Google Chat: Corinne Farrell, Lynn Hileman, and Ubaldo Valli


The following members of management were present: Katie Barlow, Colin Bunnell, Brittany Hall, Principal Guest Conductor Daniel Hege and Brian Nayor


Maureen Wilson called the meeting to order at 4:05pm. Brittany mentioned that the first half of the meeting would consist of Daniel’s Music Director Search interview followed by the board meeting. Returning board members introduced themselves as well as new board members and staff.


The Executive Session followed the interview. The staff and Principal Guest Conductor Daniel Hege were asked to leave the room.


At 5:25pm Maureen Wilson motioned to begin the meeting with the Consent Agenda. Brian Sternberg agreed to begin the meeting, Steve Trichka seconded the motion.


First on the list was the President’s and ED Report given by Maureen Wilson and Brittany Hall. Brittany mentioned that we received $5,000 from Healthlink to sponsor Celebrating 100: Leonard Bernstein. This means that our goal of having $55,000 has been exceeded to $61,500 already! We are still hoping to have $2,500 from The Agency as a potential sponsor.


We are doing well when it comes to concert sales and are on track. Our first two concerts did not do well, but we did expect that. We are not having any cash flow issues and are not planning on taking anything out of the investment account.


The goal to raise for Cirque is $221,000. Ad Elements will be finding ways to reach different demographics and help us reach this goal. The “break even” amount is $75,000.


Brittany mentioned that we will be having a One Day Sale again this year. Depending on ticket sales, we may push this to February.

The board retreat will take place November 9th at 3pm. Corinne Farrell will be hosting. Stay tuned for more details.

A new website is out! Visit www.binghamtonphilharmonic.org. Please give us any feedback that you may have! We are working on the “dizziness.” We thank everyone for their input.

Other new developments that we have this year are as follows:

Maureen Wilson is the new President of the BU Forum and with collaboration of the Binghamton Philharmonic would like to bring in Esperanza Spalding for a fundraiser. She is a singer and base player who recently won Best Emerging Artist. It will cost $38,000 to bring her in and the Forum will be able to cover $10,000- $12,000. They are looking to have this event be the first or second weekend in June.

Adam was not able to make it to the meeting today, but Brittany was able to give the financial update. We knew that we would be tight on cash flow this month due to the concert search. It was a good idea to move the Tchaikovsky concert to may. We also knew that insurance was going to go up and we planned for that.

The conductor search is now over, but we still have to wait for several items. We will receive information from musicians in November. After that, the search committee will give the BPO and offer.

Several board members inquired about the new app. The Forum was recently updated with new hot spots and WIFI this month. We are expected to have our app finally finished by this spring. There are still a few back end details that are needed to be finished.

Last week Brittany, Maureen and Steve Trichka went to NEPA to have a meeting about a potential merger. While preparing for this meeting, Maureen and Brittany met with an attorney to discuss the positives and negatives with a merger such as this. After this meeting, it seemed that NEPA wanted to continue as is, as separate organizations, but still merge. Maureen said there was no way to move forward and we will have to see what happens.

Union negotiations are still underway. The last meeting was about 3-4 weeks ago. Although the base pay was raised, the attorney recommends that the BPO brings in a mediator to the next meeting to assist. It seems that bringing in someone to help facilitate will help the process


Maureen motioned to end the meeting, Steve Trichka agreed and Jud Spena followed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:53pm followed by the Executive Session.



Katie Barlow

Acting Secretary

Respectfully Submitted