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8.23.17 Minutes of Marketing Meeting


Binghamton Philharmonic
Held at Binghamton Philharmonic
71 State St. Lower Level
Binghamton, NY 13901


The following were present: Dianne Butler, Dawna Cole, Scott Freeman, and Arieh Ullmann

The following members of management were present: Katie Barlow

Katie Barlow called the meeting at 12:10pm.


The main reason for the meeting was to get a jump start on the 2017-18 season. We began the meeting by discussing our subscription and single ticket sale update. Subscription numbers have been rising as we enter the upcoming season as well as single tickets for each concert compared to last month. We noticed a rise, mainly due to the lowering of the subscription threshold from a five concert package to four. We have seen more returning patrons this season with a four concert package that may have not been considered a subscriber due to the subscriber package threshold being slightly higher last season.


Currently the highest selling concert is The Magical Music of Harry Potter with 391 ticket sold and Tchaikovsky is the second highest selling concert with 272 tickets sold. As of right now we are at a steady pace with selling tickets. We realize that tickets are slow for the first two concerts, but are aiming to make that up in revenue with Harry Potter and Cirque.


Following ticketing updates, we discussed Ad Sales for the 2017-18 Season Program Book as well as Sponsorship. We are expected to raise $17,000 in ads for the program book and have collected $7,025 in the database thus far. As for Sponsorship this season we are expected to raise $50,500 with the hope that BAE will add on an extra $3,500 for Cirque. We should find out within the next week to confirm. We have an internal goal of over $70,000,


We have made much progress this past season and would like to do more to create awareness. It was brought to the attention of the Marketing Committee that we need to further that progress by letting the community know that the orchestra is in town during the week of the concert and at events as well. The committee came up with the following when brainstorming:

  • Tabling at events
  • Rush tickets (10-15 minutes before show & tickets would be sold in separate section)/use Live Facebook video to promote tickets
  • Market us as being “cool”
  • Use the word “Phil”
  • Have “BPO” chats at breweries
  • Have a banner w/ merch, pop up items
  • Have a competition for classical concerts targeted towards schools (drawing competition/ art or graphic)



Scott Freeman was stated as the new Marketing Committee chair and will be talking with Katie about the new business plan and goals for this season.

Everyone left the meeting at 1:15 pm and is looking forward to the progress of the committee.


Katie Barlow

Acting Secretary