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Minutes of Development Committee Meeting

February 25, 2018

Held at Binghamton Philharmonic, 71 State Street, Lower Level, Binghamton, NY 13901

Members present: Judy Siggins, Maureen Wilson

Management and administration present: Andrea Carey (acting secretary), Brittany Hall, Brian Nayor

Brian began the Development meeting at 4:10pm

The current budget was distributed as part of the meeting packet and our recent submission of the Klee Grant application. This is a budget for the whole season with revenue calculated through December 31, 2017. We have already hit our goals for sponsorship, advertising, and fundraising. Subscription numbers were also strong. We need to work on individual giving, but all other areas are solid at this point. Cathy Williams has volunteered to review our donor list to see who matches her lists at the BCC Foundation, which will help us make targeted asks.

The Fall 2017 ask campaign tapered off after our last meeting, but the campaign yielded about $10,000 total. The Fall ask overlapped a bit with the Simple Gifts campaign, but overall both efforts proved successful. Brian will crunch the final numbers and have an update at the next meeting.

There is a new process in place to generate donor thank you letters. Andrea generates and merges the letters, and Brian personalizes them. The process is efficient, and donors are thanked in a timely manner.

The Winter/Spring 2018 ask letters will be sent out early next week. All subscribers, multi-ticket buyers, and lapsed donors who haven’t yet sent a gift this year will receive the letter. Ticket buyers who have never donated with receive a letter with the theme of “raising the stakes” of their involvement with the BPO. Lapsed donors will receive a slightly different letter asking them to “lift their gift.” An ask postcard to be sent to last season’s single ticket buyers has been discussed.

On Friday, March 2 we will host a launch party for our Digital Program Book app. Major donors, as well as corporate and community partners have been invited. Board members are encouraged to attend to mingle with the guests.

It’s grant season! The Broome County Arts Council and Klee Foundation grants have been submitted. As an arts organization, the Community Foundation will now allow us to apply for funds to cover operating costs. We will ask NYSCA for the same amount as last year (this is our 2nd year in this grant term). The Broome County Hotel/Motel Tax grant is an option for Pops on the River, and we’re routing our $10,000 request through Judi Hess to funnel directly to Dan Reynolds. As a correction to the previously reported Link Up amount, the Broome County Youth Bureau has increased our grant amount to $4,000 (not $10,000) from $3,750. We plan to target the Decker Foundation to help us purchase a grand piano. We may also pitch part of the cost to IBM Corporate through Mary O’Malley-Trumble.

Tompkins County has funds available to organizations who support tourism in the Ithaca market. We are working with them to apply for these funds, and to place some of our marketing materials in their hotel welcome packets. The United Way Capital Assistance Fund is another option if we apply under the guise of organizational improvements.

We are developing a list of corporate sponsors to target for Pops on the River and Esperanza Spalding. We will keep you updated as things progress.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm. Our next meeting will be scheduled and emailed to all committee members.